Optimal Junior Low-Phosphorus Fish Feed

Do you want healthy fish that live longer? Then you'll need to focus on their primary source of nutrients; food. Many feed companies tend to create generic fish feed that contains a type of phosphorus that is not well absorbed by fish and doesn't hold nutritional value. Luckily, there is a feed that provides high levels of proteins and fortified key amino acids that help boost fish growth and minimize the amount of phosphorus entering the water column. Optimal Junior Low-Phosphorous Fish Food is customized for the fish in your waterbody. Different species require unique nutrients that make them grow bigger and healthier, thus having a longer lifespan. Optimal's unique and innovative feed is designed with a smaller 3.5mm pellet and an enhanced formulation for use in smaller or recently stocked fish, providing the ideal nutrients for all your fishery. Their rigorous testing ensures that the food your fish are eating is not only nutritious but also tastes good, making them come back for more every time the feeder goes off. Click here to learn more about Optimal Low-Phosphorous Fish Food. Contact SOLitude Lake Management to determine pricing.