Aquafix CattZilla (2 Pack Case) - (2.5 gal)

CattZilla is a pioneering adjuvant that it uses biochemistry to aid the treatment of cattails, bulrush, and similar plants. CattZilla enhances the penetration and efficiency of herbicides and speeds the breakdown of dead stalks and shoots from the inside out. CattZilla will not kill anything alone. When applied in mid to late summer when the cattails are fully developed, use of Cattzilla combined with an aquatic herbicide will promote a rapid collapse of the plant and continued degradation of the dead plant material. This product has been tested extensively and proven to work all over the country, having success from Florida to Wisconsin to Texas. For additional product information, follow these links: MSDS and Product Label. * This product is not for use in California, Washington, or Oregon. Rules for application must be followed in each state. Some states will not allow the use of this product and others have special permits. NOTE: CattZilla DOES NOT kill aquatic plants or algae

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