Naturalake Biosciences MD Pellets (30lb pail)

MD Pellets are a slow-release probiotic pellet designed to directly target the muck layer at the bottom of lakes and ponds. MD Pellets sink to the bottom and penetrate the muck layer to deliver essential biostimulants and select bacterial cultures that speed the breakdown of organic debris and muck. This pelletized probiotic reduces the available internal nutrient reservoir on the bottom of lakes and ponds to improve water quality and clarity. The MD Pellets can be applied over the entire water body or to specific areas such as shorelines, beaches, or coves. They also excel at degrading dead floating vegetation or tussocks when used in conjunction with PondZilla Pro. For additional product information, follow these links: MSDS and Product Label. NOTE: VitaStim MD Pellets DO NOT kill aquatic plants or algae.

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